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Unbeatable Marketing Gets People Talking

Good marketing gets attention.
Great marketing demands attention.

Unbeatable marketing gets people talking.

For most, marketing is about sales.
For us, marketing is about people.
When you find the right people and get them talking, sustainable sales follow.
When your marketing is centered around your customer instead of your customer’s wallet, that’s when you’re marketing the right way. Blend caring with creative, and the dollars will follow.



Who We Are

We are multiple business owners, investors, designers, and brainstorm masters. We’ve worked in the industry for over 20+ years, and have worked besides both big brands with big budgets and small brands with big hearts.

Hey There Creative is a fully remote agency.
We believe in preserving our team’s best creative self and allowing space for a balanced life. Having a remote team gives us a uniquely dynamic perspective on creative and strategy, and also allows us to be flexibile and available in every timezone.
Allowing us to take care of your marketing,
so you can take care of your business. 

Hey There! This is how we do Marketing…

One of the reasons we chose the lion as the backbone of our agency was for its stalking skills.
Marketing shouldn’t be rushed, nor is it sustainable for an excessive budget to be spent just for the sake of being spent. Extensive and patient research should be done on audience studies before making a single move. Stop marketing just to be marketing.
Start marketing with a purpose.


Our first step is to understand your brand and stalk your target audience until we know them intimately. This provides the foundation that your strategy and creative will be built on.


Earning conversions is the long game and engaging the senses is how to get there. Creative is what will set you apart from everyone else. Creative is what disrupts the brain and starts the conversation.


Your brand message and target audience depend on each other to develop the perfect strategy for your brand. This stage maps out your traffic channels and strategic timelines.


Marketing takes time and hustle. Driving your creative through the proper strategic channels, we’re making you part of conversations and driving brand awareness.

Work We’re Excited About

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Marketing & Design Pricing

Most marketing agencies want to know your budget first, that way they can charge you more than their other client… while doing the exact same thing.
We appreciate transparency, honesty and believe that you should know what you’re paying for upfront. No matter what size budget, we put our best creative forward. Advertising budgets will vary by business, but our services are priced the same no matter who you are.
We have priced our services based on the value of our time and skills, not on how much we can get you to spend on us. We prefer old school business rules, honest and fair.

Welcome To Creative Credits

We’ve developed a pricing structure that makes it easy to understand what services fit your budget, and gives a straightforward approach to making a custom fit for your business. Creative Credits.
Each service has its own value in Creative Credits. This allows you to pick and choose the services you need, and tally up the credits to figure out how much it will cost. No funny business.

If you’re unsure what services would be best for you, fill out our  form below for a free customized quote!

Per Project Pricing

All of our retainer pricing is based on a 3 month minimum contract. The biggest reason we implement contracts into our reduced costs is to encourage the right thing. Think of it like going to the gym… you’re not going to leave the gym 2x stronger and 5x sexier after one visit. Marketing takes time.
However if you’re only in need of one-time projects or would prefer to dip your toes in, we are totally into that. 

Out of contract Creative Credit cost: $275 / Creative Credit


It’s hard to put your services in a box, when creatively you do everything you can to stay out of it. We’ve done everything from puppeteering to dressing up as a T-Rex, all in the name of marketing… but here’s a list to get you started.


A photo is worth 1,000 words, unless it’s not a very good photo. Is your content saying enough?

Click For Photography


Posters to billboards, stickers to t-shirts, social graphics to digital ads, and everything in between. 

Click For Graphic Design


The number one way people are consuming content, are you talking with video?

Click For Videography


To stop people from scrolling their feed, you need to first make it worth their while.

Click For Content Creation


Social media is the new word of mouth.
Are people talking about your brand?

Click For Social Media


Digital is where the attention is. Google Ads, PPC (Pay Per Click), SEM, and everything in between.

Click For Digital Marketing


Script writing, website verbiage, advertisement copy, written strategically in your voice.

Click For Copywriting


Don’t judge a book by the cover, but know that your customers are judging your business by your site.

Click For Website Design & Development


Make sure your audience can find you on Google, and make your online presence known!

Click For SEO & Website Management


Book illustration, character design, vector infographics, custom icons, and more!

Click For Illustration


Arguably one of the most important pieces to a successful business. How is your branding?

Click For Branding


How much do you love spammy emails? Exactly. Let’s do email marketing the right way.

Click For Email Marketing


Nothing sticks in a person’s head like a song! And our radio skills are off the charts. Try us.

Click For Jingles & Radio


Getting you the most bang for your buck, but not because it’s cheap… because it works.

Click For Media Buying


We have voices all over who have done everything from telephone scripts to characters and books!

Click For Voiceover

Brands We’ve Worked With

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Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for marketing, graphic design, digital advertising, help marketing on social media or you just want to talk shop. Drop us a line below. 

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